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Cheryl's Pets

Small picture of Picasso

Picasso - Age unknown

To begin with, I am not a cat lover. Cats are too independent for me and I don't like it when they're outside deliberately teasing a dog who is inside.

Then there's Picasso.

Let's get one thing straight - Picasso isn't my cat. He officially belongs to the neighbour. In reality, he wanders the neighbourhood for food, shelter, back rubs, and miscellaneous other items. He "won" my heart one evening. I had accidentally locked him in my garage. When I let him out the next morning, he was not too happy with me and told me all about it. The next time he wandered into my garage, I was on my way out to pick up a pizza. Since I wasn't going to be gone long, I left the door open for him. Picasso seemed to realize that and thanked me for it. When I returned home, I saw him in the driveway, guarding the garage from any intruders. He saw I was back, and left.

That was the start of our friendship. Ever since then (until recently), he has been welcome in my home during bad weather and often used to sleep for a couple hours in the afternoon until his "parents" came home from work. That's Picasso sleeping in a chair during someone's piano lesson.

Small picture of Picasso

Small picture of Picasso hiding

He's quite a bit bigger than either of my dogs, but instinctively knows that if he didn't get along with them he wouldn't be allowed in the house. So he simply stays out of their way. If one of the dogs (usually Brandy) snapped at him, Picasso just stepped aside and hid until the dogs left.

That's Picasso hiding in a shelf in the piano room.

You might have noticed that one eye is a different colour. Someone in the area didn't like cats (we never found out who for sure but have an idea) and threw him against a brick wall. He made it home and the vet was able to save his life, but Picasso did lose an eye as a result. He was supposed to be kept inside after that, but he is a street cat and soon managed to get out again.

One of my tenants started feeding Picasso. The tenant moved out but left behind catfood for him. Now Picasso comes by twice a day for food and a back rub. People say that he knows my car and, wherever he is, always heads for my house when he hears it.

He's not allowed in any more though - or rather, is allowed into the piano room and that's all. One time I was eating tacos; he came in; I went to the kitchen to fix another taco -- he had eaten my cheese. He is now banned from the kitchen!

One day, I saw him trapped on my neighbour's roof; he saw me and started crying for help. At least, that's what I thought. Since the neighbour was home, I called over to let her know that Picasso was stuck. She told me the window was open and that he had jumped out. He could always jump back in. Sure enough, a short time later Picasso was on the ground by my car!

I may not be a cat lover, but then Picasso is no ordinary cat.