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Cheryl's Pets

Mini picture of Sparky


My newest pet is a chihuahua named Sparky - an 8-pound chihuahua! He is supposed to be purebred and certainly has many of the chihuahua traits that If-if and Taco had - but 8-pounds?

Small picture of Sparky standing

Sparky has spunk. He sees everything and is into everything too. The slightest noise - he's right there checking it out. I've never seen a dog so curious. Whatever he's doing, he stops everything if something catches his eye. Whether's it a bug walking on the patio, someone waiting at the bus stop across the street, people packing a car to leave on vacation, an insect flying by -- Sparky is right there, checking it out.

Small picture of Sparky

A couple of nights ago Sparky spent about 10 minutes watching a bug on the porch. It would disappear down a crack only to re-appear a few minutes later. He kept following it with his eyes, occasionally pawing at the crack. Never hurt it, but had to figure out what was what.

Last night it was a flying insect of some kind. I never saw it, but he was wandering around the yard every so often standing up in the air to see whatever it was he was following and his head would move around as he 'chased' whatever it was. I just hoped it wasn't the bee that had been flying around the flowers.

Small picture of Sparky

Chihuahuas are notoriously possessive of their owners. Frequently, they are one-person dogs who won't hesitate to challenge any intruder. Sparky certainly challenges all intruders ... as he moves quickly behind me!

Small picture of Sparky and Tyler with Student

Sometimes chihuahuas can be quite hostile towards anyone other than their owner. Of course, this makes it interesting for my piano students.

Can't you tell?

Small picture of Sparky and Tyler with Student

A vet has told me that some chihuahuas lock their jaws when they bite. You can raise your arm (or a stick) and they won't let go, even when they're two or three feet of the ground. If they decide you are an enemy - watch out.

Sparky is still very young. He loves to chew, and play and eat, and is quite convinced that the only legitimate place for him is on the my lap.

Chewing was quite a problem until I got Tyler. I'd be working on the computer, then look down and see Sparky, quiet as could be, chewing a corner of a book, or binder, or pen, or... He really loves Dixie cups. They're great. They're his water dish upstairs. When they're empty, Sparky takes them and starts to shred them to bits.

Mini picture of Sparky jumping for something

And play? He loves to play. Everything is a game. One day, he snuck out along with a piano student. The next half hour was spent with 3 students and me chasing him, trying to catch him. He never had so much fun. He was particularly good at standing still, letting us to get to within an inch of his collar, then darting off again.

Have to admit, Sparky played it fairly safe most of the time. Once he got out of the court, he ran along the sidewalk and grass. Only occasionally did he run onto the road - but everytime he did and everytime a car went by, I was sure I was going to have a heart attack. Now we're really careful about him getting even close to the front door!

Small picture of Sparky thinking

Intelligent? Sparky is probably the smartest dog I've ever had.

How many dogs do you know who wrap themselves around a tree with their leash, then figure out how to untangle the leash?

Small picture of Sparky