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Cheryl's Pets

Mini picture of Tyler with bone


Tyler's my newest dog. At 6-pounds, he's too big to show! I got him in May and have enjoyed watching his personality develop these past few weeks. At first, he was very shy and timid. I drove home with him trying to crawl up my shoulder every time we hit a bump, turned a corner or a car passed us.

Small picture of Tyler refusing to move

I soon discovered Tyler had a temper - the first day I tried to put a collar on him and take him for a walk. No go. He dug in his heels and refused to move. I bought a harnass instead of collar and gave him some time to get used to it. Got him outside, but still no go. As long as he had that thing around his neck, he wasn't going anywhere. He wasn't even going to look at me!

We finally came to an understanding. If Tyler wants a walk, he has to have the harnass on. With it on, he can go pretty well wherever he wants. I'll only pull if there's danger. So, he stays very close to me, walks at the same speed I walk, and I don't have to pull on anything.

Small picture of Tyler by fence

Small picture of Tyler watching for Sparky

Steps were also a problem at first. Tyler couldn't do any. He soon decided that if he was going to compete with Sparky, he would have to get outside first and come back inside first. That meant doing steps.

He picked up coming in very quickly, but going down was something else. At first, his technique was very simple - close his eyes and leap.

At that point, I decided I had better step in and teach him to go down one step at a time. He wasn't interested until he missed a step and hurt himself. Even then it took a while before he'd listen.

Last week, Tyler finally made it upstairs on his own, then started barking because he couldn't come down! I'd bring him down, turn around, and he was back upstairs barking! Finally, after three days, he actually made it downstairs as well, though I still try to watch ... just in case he goes back to old habits.

Tyler is also quite a talented Pomeranian. He may even have some talent for singing. A couple of times, when my piano students were playing something really well, he tried to join in - half howling in tune with the music and half barking. But, if they made too many mistakes, he'd leave. We'll have to work with him more to develop his talent.

Small picture of Tyler talking to student

Small picture of Tyler getting massage

Tyler loves the piano students - or at least the attention they give him. He simply basks in their love - and of course their attention, their massages ... just a little more behind the ear please!

Small picture of piano student petting Tyler

Small picture of Tyler with piano student

My students all love Tyler. One student tried to convince me to let him take Tyler home for the night; he would bring Tyler back on his next lesson (the next week)!

It's been so intriguing watching Tyler become more confident and assertive. The more he learns, the more independent he becomes, and the prouder he is of himself. Of course, there's still hassles. House training has not been so great - he wants to mark everything and claim it as his. That includes me. There's still competition between Sparky and Tyler as they sort out who's boss and does that mean. I look forward to the future.

Small picture of Tyler on couch